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Direct Relief

Donates to ECUADOR!

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​Direct Relief has been a great Partner to The Healing Hands Foundation.  For many years they have been providing medical supplies for our annual medical missions in Latin America.  They have been stepping up to fight against COVID-19 by donating supplies to many countries including Ecuador.  Read more about THHF and Direct Relief has been done to help the Ecuadorian People.   

"Ecuador Donation"

(8.8 Tons / $2.8M).

Direct Relief donated 8.8 TONS  of Medical Supplies to Ecuador ($2.8M).  On behalf of the Ecuadorian People and the Healing Hands Family, Thank you Direct Relief for the donation and partnership.

​Medical supplies were donated to the following entities:

  • Ecuadorian Ministry of Health (MSP),

  • Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguro Social (IESS),

  • City of Guayaquil,

  • City of Quito,

  • City of LaMana,

  • City of Pujili.

Special thanks to : Erick Molina & Cydney Justman.

Mayor of Pujili, Ecuador
Mayor of Guayaquil, Ecuador
Mayor of Pujili, Ecuador
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