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Non-Medical Services


THHF values involvement with the local population in the areas we visit. We feel it is important to show our interest in and support of these communities with contributions that fall outside the realm of traditional health care. To donate these goods and services most effectively, we often partner with other charitable organizations. Below are some examples of these non-medical services.


Shoe Donation


Children's shoes are a luxury in many countries around the world with millions of kids who don't even own a single pair while others must share shoes with family members. Partnering with Walk in My Shoes, THHF transports and distributes shoes for the purpose of providing comfort, protecting feet from trauma and parasitic infection, and increasing self esteem.

Orphanage Contributions


In both Cali, Columbia and Patzun, Guatemala health services are offered to community orphanages. In addition to providing medical care, THHF volunteers transport toys and art supplies for the children. We also initiate projects such as taking and framing a picture of each child, most of whom do not have any photos of themselves.

Classroom Support


In many areas of the world schools often have limited supplies, minimally educated teachers, and a scarcely structured curriculum. THHF partners with the Madieu Williams Foundation in Sierra Leone to help with the logistics of transporting and housing teachers who bring school supplies, curriculum advice, and continuing education to teachers at the Abigail Butscher School in Calabatown, Sierra Leone.

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